Tricks to keep your child’s sugar in check

It’s not unknown that most of the children find their best friend in chocolate, candy, ice cream or anything that has to do with sugar. Naturally, parents use it as a bait or reward to reprimand behaviour and for the time being it might yearn prosperous results as well. However, in the long run, is it an apt choice for their body, habits and what about its consequences as well effects over their body? Relax! Just read further to know and deal with it all.

Everyone craves for a little sugar but it’s the most tempting thing as a child. Long term studies suggests that diabetes as well as obesity in adulthood shares its roots from young age when it’s continuously ingested over the period of time. Oh-so sweet looking sugar when it’s inside your child’s body, it leads to mood swings, hyperactivity, disruptive behaviour, etc. So, when parents present a reinforcement for positive beahviour in terms of a candy bar, popsicles, cakes, etc deep down they are only manifesting such kind of behaviour.

Now, looking at the impact of sugar on our body, it may seem scary to consider even an ounce of it at the same time it’s hard to resist your child’s craving for a simple chocolate. The good news is that all natural forms of sugar in the form of fruits, berries, whole grains, etc is extremely good for a child’s growth and development. In fact, preparing healthy snack options for your children in terms of no sugar cupcakes and using dates as sweetener wherever required is also one of the best snack ideas. It may not be the easiest pathway to get your kids aligned with healthy snacks but that is no excuse for falling back upon junk food items.

Now, the path to a no sugar diet should start young and at an early age especially when they are still developing their taste buds. Society may tag you as a cruel parent for limiting your child’s intake of sugar in terms of chocolates as he/she is just a child but it’s important to create awareness among others about the repercussions of an unnatural sweetner. The marketing world is dealing with the impact of people cutting down sugar in their diet therefore they’re now presenting revised labels in words like sucrose, honey, dextrose, etc which are all different names of sugar used to lure the customers.

It maybe difficult if a child is already sugar addict and we’re trying to cut down their intake. Pediatricians recommend a nominal amount of 25 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar and no more than that on a daily basis. However, at the same time to cut the strings to those habits we need to present a better and healthier alternative in terms of no sugar based dairy products, cutting down on the number of carbonated drinks and at the same time replacing it with fruit juices can be one of the most tastier alternatives! Meanwhile, in situations when there is no choice, opting for products that are high in fiber over low sugars will also help in eliminating cholesterol and type 2 diabetes in the long-run. The path to no sugar is long but we must start today and the right time can never be better than Right Now!

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