Beat the heat with your kids

Summer is the most awaited season by all the kiddos. It’s a long time away from home works, exams and school. Indeed it’s the time for endless masti scenes. However, rising temperatures can become overwhelming wherein they become fussy and irritated as they cannot do their favourite activities. What if we tell you we’ve selectively chosen some activities for your little enthusiastic ones so that they can make use of their summertime together with you. Read on to find out these easy to do and fun activities:- 

1. Water Balloons Fight :

The temperature might be hot outside but water will always cool it down and make it bearable. One of the playtime activities that is everyone’s favourite is water balloons. They are easily accessible and doubles the fun when played in a group. In fact, you can make your own rules like the one who isn’t drenched with water will win the game.You’ll get to see how smart these junior players are as they use all forms of techniques to stay away from the water balloons while making you lose!

2. Finger Painting :

Not everyone’s first choice is to go out in the blazing sun. But who said fun stops if you don’t go outside? One can always consider getting their hands dirty with some laid back and relaxing activity like thumb painting. Let your little artist's imagination travel places as they craft stories with their unique thumb impressions. Let them feel a little special by telling them their finger impressions are unique in the whole wide world and see them awe in disbelief!

3. Sip some Summer Refreshments :

All enjoyment activities are incomplete if they leave you feeling dehydrated after. So, why not make some mocktails along with our children and let them feel a little grown up before they go about doing their leisurely activities. You can easily make a Watermelon Julius with watermelon pieces and ice cubes as you watch your child make it in a blender. In fact, one can also make a Frozen Mango Juice by mixing mango pulp in ice cold water and top it with mint leaves for a tropical touch. These refreshing juices will be flavorful and nourishing at the same time.

4. Squirt Gun Painting :

In this activity you’ll require some spray guns, coloured water, watercolour papers and easel or a stand to put the paper on. This boredom buster activity will help our children to showcase their artistic skills from a distance. When their imagination travels the town, their paintings will be bright and unique just like them. One can always frame it for display to add some value to their piece of art.

5. Frozen Fruit Treasure Hunt :

To do this activity you’ll need small pieces of pineapple, grapes and pomegranate frozen inside a popsicle stick or you can use an ice tray as well. Now ask your kids to dig out their treasure using children friendly equipments like a fork, knife along with a plier, hammer and screwdriver. You’ll find them full of excitement as they unlock their treasure to relish it as soon as possible.

These few activities will leave you loaded with a truck full of memories filled with laughter and joy with your child. It’ll also help you get involved in some precious family time that will leave you closely bonded with your children.

If this blog helped you in crafting some fun memories with your children that you’d like to share with us, don’t forget to comment it down below along with sharing this blog in your circle so that others find it useful as well. 

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