Turning Sibling Fights into Love and Affection

Are your children never the best friends of one another as siblings? and Are they always likely to quarrel in each other’s presence? If your answer is positive to the above questions then this blog is for you. As a parent one is always concerned about their children and work really hard so that they share the best bond together. It is definitely not an easy task therefore we’ve some tried and tested practices as propagated by researchers that parents should apply in daily practice to see the magic of love and care among their children as siblings

Fairly Handling their Fights

Elders tend to ignore sibling fights many a times because children make-break and play all the time. However, there are crucial times which requires our attention as parents and we should address those fights fairly and sharely. Taking sides might not be the best idea therefore we should identify the cause of the fight. Then instead of howling and screaming, acquiring a cool and calm attitude is more likely to reflect a positive outcome. Meanwhile a fair treatment is more important instead of being biased or even harsh based on age. Our goal as parents should be to encourage positive behaviour instead of pin pointing who is right and who is wrong. Meanwhile, pin pointing how one sibling cares for another will slowly grow the bond we want so much!

Catching their teeny-meeny moments together

This might happen on rare occasions so next time instead of capturing their moments over a device, a positive feedback is more likely to encourage more of this behaviour. Children love it when you appreciate what they are doing therefore specific addressal to their actions in terms of “That is so sweet of you to take turns while arranging the blocks” or “You both are very nicely sharing that toy together” or “I see you sorted out the problem without fighting so should we celebrate it with a trip to the Arcade?”. These feedbacks positively reinforce them and tempt them to do desirable actions and at the same time forming a better bond with their sibling.

Story telling your childhood stories

It comes as no surprise that all children love to hear stories. It’ll come in your best interest when you re-tell your sibling stories about sharing and caring about one another. No matter what memories you as parents share it your kids pertaining to your childhood, it’ll not only fill you with nostalgia but also help your kids understand the importance of family. Children always love realistic stories as compared to fictitious ones. It’ll gradually motivate them to build a similar bond with their sibling besties.
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