The food you eat plays a key aspect in determining your overall health and immunity, and being home all-day kids crave all kinds of sugary treats and snacks!

But we all know it well that giving your kids junk food is not good for their immunity specially during current situation.

So, are you’re looking for easy, healthy recipes to boost your kid’s immunity?

We have curated a list of 4 super yum and ridiculously easy to make 5-minute snack ideas, and you probably have all of the ingredients on hand!


Immunity booster drink


3 Oranges

2 Apples

5 carrots

1” Ginger

Wash, Peel and dice all the ingredients, blend everything in a juicer, strain and serve.

It’s that simple 😉

Yogurt Parfait


1 cup yogurt

Chopped walnuts

Fruits of choice (mango, strawberry)

This is a great substitute to ice cream, whisk some pain or coconut yogurt, layer in small, clear glasses with chopped walnuts and fruit of choice.

Freeze for 20 minutes and your yummy desert is ready.

Go green super smoothie


1 cup of baby spinach

A handful of mint leaves

½ cup cucumber

½ cup curd

A pinch of rock salt

¼ tsp jeera powder

½ tsp lemon juice

1 cup ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth and it’s ready for your little ones. This drink is packed with numerous antioxidants like Vitamin C, beta carotene, which may increase the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems.

Tangy tea popsicles


Green tea

1 tsp Lemon juice

1 tsp Honey

Citrus fruit of choice

Forget the store-bought popsicles and make your own immunity boosting frozen treat. Combine brewed green tea, lemon juice, honey and finely chopped orange, kiwi and strawberries. freeze in popsicle molds and you have your super healthy popsicle ready.

Choco granola bars


2 cups oats

1/2 cup coconut flakes

1 cup peanut butter

½ cup chocolate chips (or dry fruits of choice)

1 cup raw honey

2 tablespoons chia seeds(optional)

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract(optional)

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl, microwave all the wet ingredients for 40-50 sec as it makes it easier to mix. Mix everything together and transfer into a shallow pan and flatten it out. After refrigerating it for 1 hour you can cut it into pieces and serve it to your little ones. This homemade granola bar is a super healthy substitute to all the chocolate treats your kid will crave.



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