Celebrating Mother’s Day Amidst A Pandemic

The pandemic has been hard on almost everyone, but I’m thinking about all the moms out there who have sacrificed so much for their little ones, more so than ever during this pandemic.

We were in the middle of it a year ago. You, me, all of us. The pandemic came  and literally took hold of our lives for what we thought and mostly prayed would be for a short period of time. But here we are approaching yet another Mother’s Day in a pandemic.

While it may not be possible to go out or visit family on this Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t find unique and fun activities to celebrate this special day.

Whether you want to take some time off and relax or if you want a day filled with fun and excitement, here are a few things which you can do to destress and enjoy your special day with your little ones.

Mommy in every mood

This a really fun game which you can play with your little ones, and the result will be something which you’ll cherish forever.

Give your kid some paper and colours and explain them the rules.

You can play this game for 4-5 rounds where each round lasts up to 5 minutes. You can ask your kids to draw mommy’s different moods.

For e.g.: ask them to draw mommy when she is happy or draw mommy when she is angry.

This game allows the kid to use their creativity and you can have a fun family bonding time. Also, the fact that the kid has only 5 minutes to draw each round, the results will be super cute and funny too.

Play Mother’s Day charades

What a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than having a fun game night with your family. And who doesn’t love charades, but in this version, the teams will be mom vs kids, and you can ask the dad to help the kids make some flash cards.

How it works: The kids each have 2 minutes to act out mom-based task or phrases and mom has to guess what each is. For each phrase mom gets right, she earns a point. If she misses, the kids get a point. Keep track of points, and see who wins!

For eg: The kid will pick up a flash card and it says ‘act like mom when she’s angry’ and the kid will act it out, you would have to guess what it is.

Look at the picture for flashcards example.

Bake your stress away

Little ones will be bursting with enthusiasm when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, so help them channel it into something special, which uses their time and creative skills. Also, who doesn’t love some desserts, you can bake a Cake, muffins or cookies with the help of your little ones and then later decorate it together.

You can use sprinkles, chocolates, fruits etc and explore your creativity while making some fun and uniquely decorated desserts which you all can munch on together while watching your favourite movie.

Have a Karaoke night

We’ve been practicing it all our lives, singing in the shower and while behind the wheel of the car. Now it’s time to put all that practice into use and have a mom vs kids challenge to show off your vocal skills with the help of a microphone and some karaoke equipment. If you don’t have a karaoke equipment don’t worry just search your favourite song karaoke on YouTube and sing along.

To bring it up a notch, dress up like your favourite pop-idol, use props and shine like the rock star you are.


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