Following the safety measures to avoid public gatherings while maintaining a social distance, parents have to take it upon themselves to keep children inside the safety of their homes.
But how do you keep your child busy yet productive all the time?
Many schools have started online classes which is a huge part of their day followed by homework. What about that fun play time??  The time where children interact with friends or go out to play is what they have been missing.
However, it’s a golden opportunity for you to help your child develop important life skills by giving them age appropriate and gender-neutral responsibilities of housework. Also, reducing screen time and engaging with fun family games.
Here are some fun ideas which you can follow with your children as well as encourage them to help with daily household chores.
What better way to pass time than cooking with your child?
Kids are curious and will take up every chance to learn something new. It doesn’t only make them feel important but will also teach them about nutrition and healthy eating habits. It is a valuable life lesson which goes a long way.
So, get set rolling and have fun experimenting with kids in the kitchen.
When was the last time you weren’t worried about laundry?
Especially, with a smaller child you get the biggest pile of clothes. There is no exact right age for kids to start helping with laundry, even the littlest ones can help you put a sock or two. 😉
It’s all about the right way to teach them. Instead of asking them to help, you can use the grown-up card that now they are so big and responsible they get this special opportunity to help with this super important task. Doing this would not only make them feel important but also teach them responsibility at an early stage. Make them sort clothes according to colours and fabrics by turning the process into a fun educational game. You can also make those strong little hands to good use by asking them to carry their laundry bag to the machine when it’s full.
At the end you’ll have a super excited kid who wants to help you around.
Children love exploring, discovering new things and using their power of deduction.
Want to see their excitement level pop up?
Plan a fun treasure hunt game for them. It’s a fun way to engage kids as they can’t go out to play and have been missing that creative side by spending most of their times with gadgets or being online due to lockdown. The game can be played both indoors or in your garden, hide their favourite toys or candies and make fun educational clues around them. Then watch your little explorer use their skills and try to find them, you will be amazed to see their creativity and enthusiasm around it.
You never know how capable your little one can be. Maybe while you sit back and relax, they can do your pending office work or attend a few online meetings.
I mean who would get angry at that cute little face and your boss might also give you a raise.

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