A Letter From My MOM

My dear daughter,

No words can explain how blessed I’m to have you in my life, I think more and more about what future will be for you, being a girl. So this women’s day I’m going to tell you things I wish my mom told me.

Darling, I find myself in a society in which women, despite their so-called equality and independence, are dictated on what to wear, what to look like and what to act like. But I would tell you that you are strong and all you can be, it doesn’t matter what people say, never let yourself down. When you grow up respecting your self-worth, there is nothing I could ask for more.
You will bring change in the society and how people think about women, they will threaten to put out the light burning in you. Do not let it, use your light to fight for justice and equality, because our future will change with just one daughter at a time.
And it’s okay if you don’t like the color pink or want a monster truck for your next birthday. You are so beautiful and so special you deserve to live a life in equality and have all the rights which maybe I never had.

So, I dare you, dare to live life to the fullest, go after your dreams even if it scares you. Choose to do something you are deeply passionate about, you will find joy and fulfillment by living life this way.
Its not just about that one single day when a women’s empowerment matters, but you matter every day, you empower every day.
As I kiss you a thousand times before bed, and whisper those same familiar words, let them sink in as truth. When the world speaks, may these words always be louder in your heart. Your self-worth cannot be measured by worldly standards, because it’s already special.

Your mom

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