Let’s Understand the kids better..!!

"Never do for a child what he is capable of doing for himself." E. Hainstock

This quote is something that we often ignore when it comes to kids! Following this doesn't mean that you are an ignorant parent or your love for them is any less, but it just means that you want to see them grow and do task and activities on their own! We at Tales & Stories, have curated a list of things, some of which your kids will ace at and well for some they need your guidance.

Impossible sometimes is not possible: Teaching is the best tool!

Routine it out

As kids, it's easy for them to think that pattern that they follow or the routine that they set for themselves is right, but on the contrary, they are too naïve and still growing up to figure out what is best for them! And that's one thing as a parent that you have to take charge. Set a healthy routine for them, one that includes playtime, doing chores in the house, recreational activities like watching TV, and appropriate sleeping hours. With the routine all sorted, this will help your child develop long-term habits.

Feelings? Yes Please

We, as adults, know how to handle our emotional outburst or our meltdowns, we can take care of ourselves and manage to cover it up by looking fine! But children at an early age are still learning to handle and fight out the mood swings they have. They are not strong enough to fight every emotion, every feeling like anger or fear or sadness. They are bound to have outbursts of feelings at odd times, and that's where you have to be next to them, you can't expect to act like well-mannered kids all the times. Sometimes you need to let them be.

Read your mind

Don't we love it when people around us know what's going through our heads? But there is one catch. Those people are adults and not kids. So, if we are expecting our kids to know certain things without explaining to them the importance, well that will not work in anyone's favor! Our kids don't know that walking without a sweater in winters will make them fall sick or shattering a piece of glass can be extremely dangerous. We need to tell our kids at every step what the pros and cons of doing a particular thing can be; we need to make them learn. In short, we need to talk about it to them.

Let them fly on their own – Be Patient!

Sleep. Repeat. Sleep

This point, in particular, is a tricky topic. We think it our duty to teach our kids when to sleep and how to sleep. Trust us that happens sometimes. But we all have forgotten one crucial thing; Sleep is something that comes naturally and something that can’t be forced upon someone. So, you need to make your kids understand the importance and set a pattern for him/her. Rest, they are good to go and would be taking long naps, giving you enough time to do all your daily chores.

All fun & games

We, as parents need to let go of our kids’ hand when it comes to keeping them entertained. We are not saying that leave them randomly, you as parents need to teach your kids how to keep themselves entertained and busy amongst themselves. We need to teach them to keep themselves busy with toys or games. Sit with them and make them learn and after that, let them be on their own, and you will have time for yourself too.

Mess – No Please

Making kids independent should be one of your top priorities, and one of the significant steps in that is not cleaning your little one’s mess. Every time your kids decide to play and have a pile of toys ready to swamp your living room, make sure you tell them how important it is to tidy up the place once done. There can’t or shouldn’t be any excuses to let the kids leave their stuff around once they are done playing. So, once you inculcate the habit of telling them to clean up every time they make a mess, this habit will stick around for a lifetime!



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