5 Things That Your Kids Desire The Most

We reach a stage in life when we realize that as parents and guardians, our most significant assets are our children. But even after realizing this, we often tend to become a bit forgetful about their unique wants and needs. Because we live in a time where being selfish comes easy, we sometimes tend to rob our children, of their requirements and freedom. Parenting is all about creating a unique balance between Love and discipline, that helps them grow as individuals. 

Unconditional Love

We all as kids or adults need one thing and i.e., Love. Today, in a time where buying everything is so easy, we think that’s what even kids would be happy with. Giving materialistic things might provide them with joy, but that would be very short-lived. When we love our kids unconditionally, we teach them the value and essence of the same. To love and be loved, are two things that give children the feeling of being accepted.

Confidence Booster

Confidence is the key to success, and this is one statement that has remained true throughout our lives. As parents, you are the champions in your kid's life, so it's natural that when you show that you trust in them, it gives them an extra confidence boost. Sometimes we tend to forget this and start showing a lack of trust in their capabilities to make decisions or chose what's right and wrong. It tends to create an unhealthy environment. As adults, we need to pull back when it comes to them making decisions, and we need to allow them to make mistakes because that's how they learn. And a little push from parents to get up and start working again towards their goal helps them become even more confident.


Parents have a massive responsibility in teaching their kids what is right or wrong. But that doesn’t give us the right to choose what they want to do in life or where their interest lies. The more controlling the parents tend to get, the more children drift away from them and in retaliation start hiding stuff. There is a simple solution to this; we can stand afar and watch over them as they take decisions and steps in their life. But whenever there is a time when your child is stuck at the crossroads, you as parents should step up to guide them, to help them figure out what’s wrong or right, still leaving the end decision to them. Trust us; it will help them go a long way.


Respect is essential in life, not because it gives you an ego boost but it’s a way of letting the other person know that they are loved and admired. We always need to remember that it’s not a one-way street. We need to always remember in order to be respected, we need to respect our children too. They are not going to simply respect you just because you are an elder or their parents. The best way to do so is to make sure that whenever your children are around you don’t ridicule them or insult them on minute things.  Be respectful and considerate towards the decisions they make and the things that they do. And it will a respectful way to co-exist.

Valuable Time

Time, as we all know, is the most valuable thing in life. And no matter what happens, there is never a substitute for it. The constant need of your attention, love, and time is the only thing they crave for. In today’s day and age, we all have become swamped with work in our lives, so when a child comes in, sometimes we tend to balance our work and personal life by putting our kids in daycare or handing them gadgets to keep them busy. There is nothing wrong with it, but a child would always feel the need to be in touch with you or have a hearty conversation with you face to face. And as parents, if we can give our kids just that, they will always have a sense of security that we will be present.

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