How to start a mom blog with your kids on Instagram while staying at home


Motherhood is a beautiful journey and every mom has a story to tell, be it everyday fun activities with kids, cooking together, dressing up etc. What can be a better way to document all the precious moments but through your own blog, it’s like a memory capsule with everyday stories with your little ones. You get to plan fun content and work together with the most special person in your life, to make something meaningful and which might also help other moms out there.

Instagram has become the most used platform for blogs, promotions, and sharing everyday fun activities.

With this the demand for micro bloggers is on the rise, especially in India, and did you know that you can benefit from this and start your own successful blog with just a few easy steps.

Today I’ll be sharing 5 important tips to start a successful mom blog.



You want to create your handle to attract your ideal audience and a catchy username which defines what your page is going to be about is the most important thing and same goes for an Instagram bio.

For eg: If you’re searching for toddler meal ideas, how likely are you to click on a page with username @______359, but if that handle is @mommy.foodstories you are more likely to check it out.

As you can see, your handle carries weight and it’s the first thing a majority of your potential followers will see. 

A combo which you can use to generate your username is:


“mommy” is your audience, “foodstories” is about the blog.



The most important step is to realise what you really like and won’t get bored of it after a particular point of time. You can start blogging about things you’re passionate about. If you and your little ones like dressing up, you can start a fashion blog and if you like cooking with your kids you can post about meal ideas on your blog. The whole idea is to keep it fun and interesting



Always keep in mind that your IG blog is a fun journey with your little ones, but for it to be successful you should post consistently. It is helpful to plan at least 2 weeks of content in advance before you start the blog, and post every other day on feed and regular stories every day.

Being consistent and interacting with your audience is the key to a successful mom blog.


Always make sure that the images you upload on Instagram are good quality and attention grabbing. With so many posts available these days, people tend to have a lower attention span, and if your visuals are not catchy, people might not interact with it. Research about new photography and flatlay techniques for better pictures.

Along with pictures a good caption is also very important and a way to interact with audience. You can explain about your picture in the caption, ask your audience questions and use related hashtags which would help with your reach.


Reach out to other moms on Instagram, it’s always beneficial if you’re a part of a community where you lift each other up and help each other grow. Give them shoutouts on stories and ask is they can do the same. You can also collaborate with other mom bloggers where you create some content together, it will help both the users to connect with each other’s followers.


[Stay tuned for our next blog, about how to generate more engagement and make money from blogging.]

 Here are some of our few favourite mom bloggers, check out their Instagram profiles to see their blogging journey.







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