5 Activities to keep your kids busy & reduce screen time

In the present digital age, we are always glued to our screen and so are our kids. However, kids need to engage in all kinds of physical and mental activities for an overall development. Below given is a list of various activities that limit your screen time and increase your cognitive development.

1. Build a fort-

This old school idea will not only leave us nostalgic about our childhood but also get our kids excited. One needs to simply grab some sheets available at home and some clothes-pegs together. Children will love to build this small little corner for themselves. They can sleep as well as play and in a way also engage in independent activities in their little space.

2. Read a book together-

Parents usually have a very hectic schedule that leaves them with little to no time for reading along with their toddlers. Psychologists suggest that when you read a book along with your child, it helps them in better visualisation, association and improves the parent-child relationship. A toddler will grasp your voice modulation which will also enhance their emotional understanding.

3. Ask them to do tiny chores-

Our children tend to pester us with one question after another or circle us while we are engaged in our work. In those times, one can assign them small works that cater to their level. It can be as simple as clean-up time after they have played with their toys or getting an easy to handle container from the refrigerator or even keeping a small box back to its place. This will keep them on their toes while they learn the art of responsibility.

4. Encourage outdoor play-

Pandemic has got us more indoors but getting that outdoor sun is essential for everyone. Children should definitely have some outdoor fun for their bodily development. A simple catch, running or even involving them in their favourite sport can get them pumped to leave

their screens. Even engaging with their friends while playing outside can develop their social skills.

5. Let’s make jigsaw puzzles-

A puzzle introduces the young ones to the concept of whole from parts. Usually for family time, instead of watching cartoons, one can together build a puzzle suitable for their age group. This in itself will be the best exercise for their overall brain development. In fact, we can cheer them up when they join the pieces correctly or even complete the puzzle entirely which will immediately boost their self-esteem.

When kids are only hooked to the screens, they miss out on so much fun. A monotonous screen routine is neither fun nor beneficial in excess. As the saying goes, “All screen-time and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” If we can create a healthy routine wherein there is balance between screen time and off screen fun that gets reinforced to them, we can definitely expect a healthy growth of the child.

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