Powerful benefits of art for your kids

Have you ever seen your little ones trying to touch wet paint especially when you have already told NO? This isn’t specific to children alone, adults too indulge in such activity. Curiosity is the sole driver for kids as well as adults to do so. There is something about painting that we all tend to dip our fingers as we experience and feel what we create. Drawing is skill building in itself that has a lot of benefits in adults but especially in children. Some of the key benefits of art are listed down below:-

- Children explore their out-of-the-box thinking:

Drawing sharpens your thinking skills
When children indulge in sketching, it contributes towards developing the right side of their brain. Moreover, art is a language in itself and this form of expression helps them to connect better with their surrounding environment. This enhances their creativity and helps them to doodle that will surely leave us all in awe! After all, drawing is as essential as breathing and it is a skill that makes us human. A lot of learning when a child is creating an art is happening inside the brain. During this time it is important not only to encourage but also appreciate their out-of-the-box. Slowly and steadily you’ll see that children will pick on their creativity as a life skill when they use it in their daily activities.

- It improves their concentration:

Art helps children to concentrate better

There is no doubt about the fact that children have a very short attention span. It is indeed a task to make them sit steadily at a place let alone doodling something. Present day Parents face a lot of difficulty in helping their children focus on studies. In this situation parents should initiate doodling in terms of “Simon says draw this or that.” Children are always very enthusiastic to undertake this activity that also helps them understand shapes, colours, spatial understanding and also differentiate between the same. When these kinds of sit down activities are increased, it'll boost their concentration.

- Enhances their eye-hand coordination:

Indulging into art leads to better eye-hand coordination

Young children hold their pencils with shaky hands. For a firmer grip, they should be encouraged to draw freely anything that makes them happy. This activity will help them become more engrossed as they coordinate their eyes and hands together. Keeping this in mind, on the colourful festival of Holi, we’re proud to collaborate with Child Rights and You (CRY) to organise an Art Competition for our junior artists. In this contest, kids can draw anything their heart desires on the theme #colourmehappy.


Art helps to fulfil a bigger cause of connecting with the world

Every child born on this planet creates its own space as they understand and associate with their surroundings. Painting is one such activity wherein they can express themselves as they understand the diversity in the world. This little participation will help them understand how important it is to create a better world for themselves as well as others. Keeping this motto in mind we at Tales & Stories will donate a share from not only every sale during this month but also from every entry received through this competition towards ensuring happier childhoods of children, a noble cause initiated by Child Rights and You (CRY).

We hope you participate in this contest and help us promote the deed further. For more details about the competition please visit our website. If you loved reading this blog, comment down your thoughts and don’t forget to share it within your community. For more such blogs, stay tuned @talesandstories_official for all the updates.

Till then keep doodling!

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