Family Style Guide: Mom & Mini

It’s time to make the most of playing a little dress-up game with your munchkins till they decide to dress up for themselves. It’s endless how one can mix-match styles together with their little ones in terms of colors, patterns, and textures and it’s simply going to look adorable! So, here are some looks that we’ve listed for you and your mini along with some trendy styling tips that you just cannot miss:-

Look-1 Bed-time story with mommy!

Night-time wear for young ones should absolutely be flexible and comfy as they hail on their adventures. If those two elements are added to some popping colors like red it’ll enhance their cuteness. As for boss moms like you, we know how you can look an absolute fashionista with some comfortable jeggings. Jeggings are advantageous as they appear like jeans while the material involved in its making is soft and comfortable which is like a match made in heaven for multi-tasking moms like you! Plus you can easily pair it with any pastel-colored top and you’re all set. Now, you can unravel the stories that your kids tell you or as you read one out for them

Look-2 Playtime Favorites

Our super moms and toddlers are always perfect ! We might not clean up this nicely but if someone utters playtime and this duo will be spot on. The cusp summer feeling can be enjoyed in a relaxed fit denim jeans with a comfy t-shirt. Ensure that your footwear is preferable for your stroll in the park. Along with that, add a splash of minimal make-up for your fierce personality. Meanwhile, dress up your mini in a colour pop t-shirt and some cute shorts and you’ll be all set for a playdate. This ensemble will sparkle with some beaded rainbow-colored jewelry or even some funky-colored headband

Look-3 Shopping Fun

When you step foot outside with your little one, it’s nothing less than a wild adventure. As we are on the move, let our squad always be equivalent to mom and mini fashion goals. A pair of cargo pants will not only be multi-functional for you but will also add to your freedom and comfort. In fact, it’s easy to pair with a white printed tee and for finishing touches you can accessorize with a watch, silver hoops, etc. Make sure your bundle of joy and laughter looks nothing less than queen Elizabeth in a  black overall dress. To complement the look choose a pair of grey sandals or even a cap that will simply shine

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