Every day your child keeps waiting for you to spend that extra time with them. Be it Vacations or weekends. While initially the excitement and thrill about spending time with parents stay. But it often happens that a few days into the holidays, you start hearing phrases like, “I am bored” or “I have nothing to do.”
So, how is it that you can help your child have fun and utilize their time productively? With a lot of homework to finish, a break from all the tedious work is much required. Unwinding is not only for adults, but kids need it too! Maybe more than the adults. Not just playtime but engaging your child in learning something new, exciting, and adventurous, making him or her productive and thus developing their personality.

Mother Nature: Thank you

We have lost touch with our mother nature and for all the wrong reasons. Technology has taken over our lives, and kids are now dependent on it more than ever. Even when we plan a trip somewhere, it is mostly somewhere where we get connectivity to the virtual world. But next time you plan a trip, pick a place that is different and unusual from your kids’ environment. Get away from city life, to a place away from the hustle-bustle, traffic, and noises.

Ideally, pick a place close to the hills, where your kids get to experience nature and indulge in activities like trekking and learn more about the plantation. This experience adds learning and adaptability values in your kids! 

Master a New Language!

Learning or experiencing something new, always gets people excited, especially kids! Kids growing up have a mind that can be shaped easily and tends to grasp stuff quicker. Research around the world has revealed, children learning an additional or new language helps kids develop their cognitive and academic level. They get better at, and it helps them a great in extracurricular activities and tests.

Enroll your kids into online classes, or they can join a language teaching institute. With a new language learned, your kid gets an added advantage while traveling or shifting to new places in the future.

Workshops: Let’s do it!

Spending time doing something you like or being around people from different backgrounds, is a cherished and a learning experience. With a vast number of workshops available nowadays, like cooking, dancing, music, arts, and crafts or even martial arts, your kid develops a knack for learning new things and thus, becomes a habit.

With that being said, kids get to mingle with kids from different background, interests, and even cities. This habit helps them inculcate habits of teamwork and acceptance.

So many books, So little time!

Books are known as a gateway to an imaginative world. Books are the perfect partner for your kids. From improving vocabulary to being able to develop creative imagination skills, it helps the kids to succeed academically. Get your kids a vast collection of books, comprising of novels, comics and encyclopedias. Trust me; you will notice a visible change in concentration and their approach towards things in life.

Every book read by your kid has something to teach and reading and patience while reading the book are in itself the best habits you can help your child with.

Sports and Sportsmanship!

One of the best qualities your child could teach is sportsmanship. This trait is not something that enables you to grow as a sports person but also as a human being. Let your kid experience playing new games and sports! With breaking the evening monotony of staying indoors and being on phones, this season let your children run around, get hurt and then stand up, or maybe learn a few tricks of the game.

Just ensure that your child practices daily and doesn’t break the routine! P.S: Be careful not to overexert your kid.

With these activities regularly followed, you can ensure to give your child the much-needed boost to his or her personality, be it personally or academically. Keep your child active and help develop your child’s mind. 

Let us know in the comments section below if there are other activities that you do with your kids!

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