How manufacturers can leverage “Growth”


Apparel industry have shown a great growth as compared to past decade amongst which kid’s segment is getting more organized than ever before. Along with that, mindset of the consumers is also evolving with time as they want to explore more. India is one of the countries where manufacturers are equipped with all the resources for production starting from raw materials, labours, supply chain facility and many more. During this Pandemic in 20-21 (Apr- Nov), Indian manufacturers have exported to 67 countries which is near to 36.17 million USD.
Below points will help us to understand the how manufacturers can grab this opportunity which will help them grow as well as Indian economy.


Kid’s apparel industry has picked up the pace and has been growing gradually and to cope up with the same pace kid’s apparel manufacturers have to take steps like data analysis & multichannel selling. This will help the manufacturers in two ways by catering greater market share and to increase the organization growth.